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"My Song", by Christopher B Short, features superstar Japanese anime vocalist R!N / Gemie, who has collaborated with anime composer Hiroyuki Sawano, on international hits, "You See Big Girl/T:T", "Call Your Name" and "Call of Silence" from the anime soundtrack "Attack on Titan" receiving over a combined 143 million streams. She has also worked on other song projects with Sawano (under the name Gemie) as well as her own solo career in Japan (under the name R!N).




Beautiful Sadness is the incredible debut album by indie artist & producer Christopher B Short

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What is Beautiful Sadness?

Look_Forward sq.png

Inspired by rock music that I grew up with, I incorporated the same aesthetic throughout. From the classic rock of late 70's, metal rock bands of the 80's along with the melodic vocals of female singers. I also included my love for sweeping orchestrations and complex harmonies that makes each song unique and full of surprises.

I have been living with these songs in my mind for nearly forty years. I am so pleased you have decided to join me on this journey filled with beautiful melodies, emotional orchestrations, rich harmonies and powerful guitars.


Thank you for experiencing Beautiful Sadness!

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